It started the 8 of October your waitress sucked no service sent a 100 and some that night then went tonight sent 160 dollars you have no cooks that know how to cook meat the way I like it so I took a 20 oz prime rib home that I did not eat I will never recommended your restaurant to any one that I know any more I will start going some where else for that kind of money you should know what the he'll you are doing this is the last time I will step foot in one of your crazy ads restaurant I fell you have ripped me off of my hard earned money will not waste my time with you again you suck will tell everyone I know don't waste your money with you it's a shame I have to go from you to mcds.to get some thing to eat just like to know who got the better end of the deal sure not me you have ripped me off for the last time you suck and I will not give you any more of my hard earned money at your crapy restaurant very unhappy just like to know what the *** happened to your restaurant in Cheyenne Wyoming it has gone to ***.wont wast my time with you any more I know you will not fixs it you just want the money and could careless about the people that keep you in business sorry you suck now use to love going to your restaurant very unhappy

Product or Service Mentioned: Texas Roadhouse Ribs.

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Upon reading this, I believe your money is better spent on an education. Go skiing or take a hike and chill out, you love in such a precious state. Sponsor a bear, or a moose.


periods. use them.


Talk about poor spelling and grammar, and punctuation. I bet the employees at Texas Roadhouse are better educated than you are.

You don't have a right to criticize other people's knowledge until you improve your own. If you don't like how restaurant food is prepared stay home and prepare it yourself.

Do you by any chance mean that you "spent" not "sent" the money? You should be embarrassed to show people how poorly you spell, and use grammar and punctuation.

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