Just today me, my husband and Brother-in-laws went to Texas Roadhouse in meridian for lunch. I am a vegetarian so I knew I was going to have a limited menu.

I asked our server which didn't give her name and took about 10 minutes after we sat to attend us, if their chili had meat in it since it was under their "veggie" items. She told me no. So I went with that, after my first *** I knew I it tasted like ground beef! I brought it up with our waitress and she said, quote- "I can promise you there isn't meat in it" I had everyone else at the table try it and they all agreed saying there was meat.

The manager came by and said that they put meat in the recipe. I literally felt sick to my stomach.

And the best part was, I DID NOT GET ONE SORRY OUT OF THE MANAGER OR WAITRESS. Neither I or my family will Ever go back.

Product or Service Mentioned: Texas Roadhouse Manager.

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It figures.


Per their menu, the vegetarian chili is made with a "burger meat" derived from black beans. Maybe it is just so good, it fooled you and your friends into thinking it was real meat.

I know I hate tofu and refuse to eat it and was once served it and whoever prepared it was awesome because it tasted just like chicken and was delicious. I swore up and down I was eating chicken when I was eating soy. And of course there is always the possibility that someone in the kitchen accidentally gave you regular chili. Who knows.

As far as what the manager said, there must be some confusion. Chilis would not even have made the chili, it comes in pre-made.


You have no case. There are quite a few items you could have picked on the menu that does not have meat and you chose chili.

You don't have a medical allergy, you just chose not to eat meat. All you vegetarians/vegans are a bunch of whack jobs. The lack of protein in a person's diet can actually make one prone to suggestions. That's why cults don't feed their followers meat.

They can brainwash them a lot easier. On that note, it's possible it wasn't real meat. You should know that there is soy ground beef that feels just like the real thing. What do you want now?

An I'm sorry? You're not going to get it.

How about this. GROW UP!


You should have been able to see if there was meat in the chili before even tasting it. If there was any type of meat in it, the meat would be visible to the naked eye.

If there wasn't visible meat, that could mean that the company uses a meat flavored base for the chili. I'm sure if a person looks hard enough they can find meat flavored bases for different foods, that have absolutely no meat in them.

That being said, even though you are a vegetarian, eating a little meat once in awhile isn't going to kill you. Another thing, if they did use a meat flavored base for their chili doesn't mean that meat was in it, so therefore if they said there wasn't meat in it, that is what it meant.


What do you want? Would I AM SORRY have fixed everything?

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