Started out with 15 people for a 5:00pm seating, found out shortly after 5:00 that we only had 7 people, the

Hostess(es) were notified of that immediately. In the mean time, other parties with more than 7 persons (as many as 11) were seated ahead of us, we were kept on the 15 people list.

One hour later and two 20-25 minute delays later, we were seated in a booth for 6 with a chair at the end.(see attached photographs) We are talking about 7 women packed in elbow to elbow trying to have a nice dinner at a place most of us had eaten before.

The servers were great, food was good, however we will not be back to this Texas Roadhouse. The manager gave us our dinners on the house, which was a nice gesture, but not enough to get us back in this restaurant!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Texas Roadhouse Manager.

  • Poor seating service
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I have no idea why you're complaining. Okay, so you waited a little longer to get seated.

SO WHAT?! That happens sometimes, especially when a restaurant is packed with people!

You definitely come off as entitled. You have no reason to complain.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #730756

MolonLabre - You Nailed it, you are my hero! There is a great many people out there that continue to live in this world of Entitlement....get over your selves


Having parties of 15 and 20 are hard to find because TXRH tries to get them all together or at least by each other. For you to sit and complain because you had to wait, that's not their problem that you wanted 15 people sat at 5:00 when its the busiest time.

Call ahead, make sure all 15 people arrive together because they do not seat incomplete parties, and they will seat you as soon as possible.


Even if you arrived at 5:00, the only tables available for parties 7+, could have been already seated by another party therefore, making you wait. Also, even if you ended up only having 7, other large parties could have called ahead making their name ahead of yours, even if they have more people.

At TXRH, whatever large party got there first/called ahead are first on the list no matter how big it is, and even when you became a group of 7, you were still on the "large board" list. And dealing with large parties was the worst since TXRH only has 4 actual tables.

Cheyney, Pennsylvania, United States #698427

So your group of carnivorous goblins came in right at the busiest time of day and were shocked that they couldn't be seated immediately? Wow..

entitled much? Perhaps next time you should call ahead or make a reservation so they can better suit your party's needs. No.. no...

not for the red carpet that you strongly desire, but for courtesy(you lack this). You are a psycho - taking pictures and what not? Wtf? Why?

To prove that you finally got seated? I bet those other parties got seated before yours because you were being a

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