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On my Birthday 11/01/13 my husband and two kids went to Texas Roadhouse and we have never been there it was our first time we always wanted to go, I called to see what's the wait time I was told 5 to 15 min I got there in less then 5min since its right around the corner from my house walked in I was told 15 to 30 min wait so I told her to put me down and she said she cant spell my name she will just give me the confirmation # we waited 40 min and my husband went inside to ask when will we be seated she asked the and she said ohh you need the buzzer before your time starts we didn't even know so he got the buzzer and they told him another 15 min we waited another 20 min when we finally go seated they got our drink order and the waiter did not come for 20 min to order our food when he came we placed the order and we got our food 20 min later that was it we did not get our drinks filled they never come around our glass wore empty when I saw the waiter I told him I need the check and he came right back when they need there money they come running I was so disappointed with the service plus it was not how I wanted to spend my birthday for over two hours. I hope this does not happened to anyone.

Product or Service Mentioned: Texas Roadhouse Waiter.

Monetary Loss: $50.

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You sure are funny :grin
Knoxville, Tennessee, United States #779298

WOW....I sure hope you don't speak the way you write! You sound borderline illiterate.

Texas Roadhouse is ALWAYS busy and ALWAYS worth the wait.

It's my favorite steak joint and I have never had an issue at any of the locations I've visited.

The reason you have to wait is because it's packed with people who want to eat there because of the good food and service.

Sounds like you expected to have your *** kissed because it was your birthday. Get over yourself.

Houston, Texas, United States #736768

Sounds like a typical night in a big city. When you live in one, like Austin, you have to expect to wait a lot when you go out.

Especially if it is Thursday through Saturday. This is compounded by visiting a medium priced chain restaurant. They are typically understaffed and the food is nothing special. Dining out, especially on a birthday, should be a leisurely experience anyway - something you want to savor, not rush.

It sounds as though time was the only issue and that could have been overcome by conversation with your dining partner.

Sometimes, when my wife (best friend) are eating out, we get so involved in talking that the time flies! Relax, take your time, and life will be sweeter!


Next time call ahead and make reservations.

to anonymous Austin, Texas, United States #736764

we called and she could not spell my name

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