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I am a retail manager of a local store in Decatur al. I had a dinner party for 8 people to celebrate promotions. Including a regional Vice President attending. I got to this location 30 minutes prior to party showing up to get a table and make accommodations. I was told I had to wait until my part arrived or at least 3/4 my party before I get get a table. This was fine. I waited with 3 people for others to arrive. After waiting 35 minuets 6 of my party had arrived. The hostess at our his time told me NO your entire party has to be here. I ask to speak to a manager. Young African American female who was very very rude to me ( embarrassed me in front of my VP ) the manager said “ your entire party must be here, the sign us posted”. I told her at this time we had been waiting 40 minutes. The other two guest were on their way. I also explained to her, if she wasn’t interested in our business I would take them somewhere else. She huffed, and said whatever seat them to the hostess. She then came back and told me in the future I would have to follow the rules.

I love the restaurant, never had a problem and I frequent this restaurant at least once a week. I can assure you that with the service I received from the manager on duty, I will not return to this location. I understand policy however we had 7 people there waiting on two and was ready to spend a lot of money.

Thank you for your time.

Candi Vaughn.

Product or Service Mentioned: Texas Roadhouse Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Hey Candi get over it. Instead of following the policy you took it upon yourself to make a scene to get your way.

I would say your own behavior is what was embarrassing to your VP. So by your logic since the employee was following the rules of their job and YOUR guests were not there yet you feel you should bash them? Must be nice to be so special that YOU get to make whatever rules you want. Silly little vapid blond being told NO is not rude.

YOU were far morerude then the employee. You were raised better then that.


Most restaurants have this policy. You can google this to read about it, I'm not doing your research for you.

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