I ordered a steak salad and it took longer than it should have. When the order came out, it was very cold.

I asked them to take it back and bring me a new order. The manager was told about the situation from a female bartender, but the manager looked at her and continued to eat and talk at the dinner table with friends. The manager never addressed me at all. When the salad came out the second time, the food was cold again.

I didn't want to wait again, so I ate the food. Another customer told me that I had waited too long for my food and asked for the manager. I told the customer not to do that because I was ok with the situation. Again, the manager (Amanda) would not come out.

After my meal, I directly asked one of the workers that I needed to see Amanda (night manager), again I was ignored and she came out, but never acknowledged me. I asked the bartender if she could go and get the manager. The manager came out, looked at me, talked to the bartender, and went back into the kitchen. Again, she never acknowledged me, but she acknowledged other customers.

I asked another worker for the main managers number (Tristian). I stayed for another 15 to 20 minutes and finally spoke to a male manager and he was very considerate and understanding. I think his name was Keron (not sure). I called the main manager after I left the restaurant and he said that he would call me tomorrow.

He did listen to my complaint. I am very disturbed with this type of behavior. I am a regular customer at Texas Road House (2 to 3 times a week).

This situation needs to be addressed. I would hate for other customers to go through this Experience.

Product or Service Mentioned: Texas Roadhouse Salad.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: My solution would be for the management to have a meeting with Amanda and encourage her to acknowledge the needs of customers..

  • Poor manager from Amanda
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De Queen, Arkansas, United States #899072

I had similar, but the manager and a waitress were playing grab *** with each other. None of my concerns were addressed.

That was 4 months ago and I have never been back.

Never will either.


Salads are *** cold you chode. If "Amanda" didn't come out then how in the *** do you know her name? Probably from your white trash *** riding then every visit looking for your welfare dinner!


You people who have commented must be ignorant individuals who don't know what they are talking about.

She said she ordered a steak salad...I.e the filet salad. The steak should be hot from broil, sliced, and placed on salad to be taken directly to the guest.

As for the poor overworked manager you feel the need to defend. She is on Roadhouses time and is their face when at work, there is absolutely no excuse for how poorly things were handled.

In the restaurant business you are not on normal schedules, you are most busy during peak hours for eating times, taking a break yourself when there are guests to handle or even during a slow time shows lack of skill, priorities, and straight up ignorance. I hope none of you are managers and if so I pitty your employees.

to none #898973

Thorough knowledge of steak salad is always a measure of intelligence. Why, I even recall that as a question on the S.A.T.


OMG! A cold salad!! Personally, I like my salad grilled and then thrown in hot grease, so I can certainly understand your horror at receiving a cold salad!


Where was mommy when you had this issue? If you are an adult you need to grow up. She was obviously on her dinner break and you need to wait for her to finish and be more patient.


Your SALAD was cold? How awful.

Why would you be complaining about the manager not acknowledging you before you ever even asked to speak with a manager. If she was eating, did it ever cross your mind she was taking a break.

She was probably tired and hungry after dealing with cranky customers like you. I'm sure if you had POLITELY asked to speak to a manager in the first place one would have made themselves available to you.

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