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I went to texas road house in rosevilli mi today 3/22/16 about 4:30 for dinner, this was my second time there and i must say the food and drinks were great! Service was good to, but when my sister and i were getting ready to leave she asked for a to go cup to pour the remainder of her drink in it (tequila sunrise) so after she did the waitress pops out of no where explaining that she couldn't do that because its a liability to the restaurant..

Ok that's totally understandable not a problem but she stood there to make sure she poured it back into the glass and told her she had to watch her, i did not like that at all thats the only part of dinner i have my complaint about, its still bothering me now so ill be sure to call to speak with a manager... Advice for my server Angela, dont stand over any adult to make sure they do something as if they're a child

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Meekj you must be the worst customer ever.


She stood there to make sure you did not involve the place in the breaking of a law. She did exactly as she should have.

Get over it. Everybody knows you can't take alcohol from a restaurant unless it is in a sealed container (such as a bottle of wine).

to LadyScot #1132531

A lot of people do a lot of stuff they shouldn't do, I do not care my POINT is do not stand over me in my space while I'm eating and I'm having a conversation so you cut me off without saying excuse me as if my sister didn't her her the first time! I'm not saying she is wrong by doing her job and I'm not saying your comment is wrong, I'm saying she heard what you said she told you OK that's fine she understood with no problem so now you back up give her space....

I'm not rude as *** so I guess I wouldn't understand, I'm just going stand over someone while there still eating and having a conversation to interrupt 3 times after she said OK??? I'm just going to keep saying it until she pours it back in the glass and draws attention, geesh I guess some ppl don't mind being rude

Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, United States #1132449

Waahhh! I want my alcohol!

to Meekj #1132525


to Meekj #1132533

You mad? Lol... So what


It is nice that your older sister took you out to dinner. I am glad you were not drinking since I am opposed to under aged drinking.


Get over it little girl. There are no restaurants that allow you to take alcohol in a to go cup and leave the premises.

The waitress was just doing her job!!! She could have instead watched you drive off, gotten your license plate and then called the police!!! You don't seem smart, so let me explain: it is illegal to have an open container of alcohol in an automobile. Sounds like perhaps she should have called the police anyway, as your silliness seems to indicate you were intoxicated!

And yes, please do call the manager so he/she will be made aware that server Angela followed company policy that night and prevented two drunks from committing a crime. Maybe Angela will get a promotion or pay raise!

TEAM ANGELA!!!! Oh, and my advice for you: don't venture to another restaurant that serves alcohol unless you are accompanied by a responsible adult!

to Anonymous #1132440

Before I even finish reading the full comment did u read wtf I said?! I said I totally understand what she was doing but I DO NOT need someone to stand over me to watch me pour a drink back into the glass, I'm not mad at the fact she was doing her job I didn't like the fact she stood there to watch me, wtf? Go have a seat old *** anonymous person

to Meekj #1132443

Lol I finished reading your comment, if I wouldn't have received a email alert about this comment I wouldn't even have known it was here, I get what you saying as well but you went over bored with the whole comment, I actually liked Angela but again whether it was here or the next waitress or waiter DO NOT stand over me to watch me do anything while I'm sitting having a conversation finishing my appetizer, if she told you OK I understand that and that's fine don't stand looking at me and waiting on me as if I'm a little kid and going to sneak off with this to go cup that's not even half full... Grow up anonymous person

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