My girlgriend and I went to Texas Roadhouse last night and I was terrible. First of all let me say that these days we only go out to a nice place about once a month.

I had been looking forward to a good steak all day. My girl and I both ordered the ribeye medium. When It arrived mine was chrispy. When I asked the waiter to send it back, he said "ok take your fries off and I will get you another one".

Really, take my fries off the plate?? As instructed I slid my fries into the basket of rolls and he took the steak. Meanwhile my girl discovered that her steamed vegetables were still raw. So 20 minutes later another steak finally makes it to the table, I slide my cold fries back onto my plate and try to eat.

My girl tells the mgr. about the raw veggies and he explains that that is the way steamed veggies are suppose to be. Well by this time I am so pissed I'm happy to get out of there without taking someones head off.

I pay the $65 check and we head home. Next time I think I'll drive a little farther south to Montana Mikes.

Product or Service Mentioned: Texas Roadhouse Steak.

Monetary Loss: $65.

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smart guy

what's a girlgriend?


"last night and I was terrible."

Ok, why were you so terrible?? You do not say.

All you do is talk about the food at Texas Roadhouse but you never get around to telling us why YOU were so terrible. Please complete your missive.


Write a complaint texas Roadhouse corporate and tell theof your bad experience. They will respondand probably offer a comp meal as a courtesy.

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