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Had dinner last night in Bridgeport/ Clarksburg, WV. Walked into the restaurant and was asked for name and how many. Standard procedure in many establishments. But then I was asked for my phone number. Never had that question any place before. I asked why my phone number was needed. Was told that I would be called and texted when our table was ready. I said that I would be sitting on a bench within 4 feet of the hostess. Inside the restraurant, not in an outer area. I gave my number. Around 5 to 7 minutes later my phone rang. I looked at it, the screen said Grafton,WV 304 903 4736. I have 3 friends that live in Grafton, and thought one of them was calling. So I answered. A recording told me our table was ready. We stood and moved

approximately 3 feet to the hostess. By this time there were 3 other couples attempting to communicate with her. I politely said I had been called and my table was ready. The hostess wasn't sure who to seat, us or one of the other couples. I politely said we were there first, and a waitress took us to be seated. Who ever came up with the idea of calling people on their cell phones needs to take a day off and rethink it. Most restaurants give you a buzzer that flashes when you are up to be seated.

Grafton is not even in the same county as the restaurant. With so many scam calls people are more selective about who they answer. The purpose of caller I D. I hope you will look into this. Everyone eating at that Texas Roadhouse does not have a friend in Grafton. The restaurant is in Harrison County. Grafton is in Taylor County. Our food was great as was the service. But the registering and seating process is very flawed. In case you haven't noticed your restaurant is not quiet. I often turn the volume down low when in some public places. When I'm eating out is one of those times. Please consider using buzzers or even the old simple PA system you have used in the past.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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