Texas Roadhouse Prime Rib Steak Reviews

Texas Roadhouse Prime Rib Steak Review from Phoenix, Arizona
I just took my family out to texas roadhouse tonight on 75th in Phoenix, AZ and it was definately not worth the money i spent. The waiter was great however, i immediately noticed a soured smell the minute i walked in as if a dirty mop was used to clean. My daughters knife had stuck on food and had to ask for another . I also used the restroom and the place was filthy, the floors were sticky, paper towels everywhere and the garbage was...
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Today, I visited Texas Roadhouse on Airport Blvd. In Mobile, AL... I was very disappointed with the service I got, but not the server. I ordered the prime rib for 17.99 well done... It came out bloody... I ask them to put on the grill a little... They char- burn it.. And told me it was the last one to basically take it or leave it. How ever they lied... While sitting in there, I called an order two more too go.I ask the girl on the phone to make...
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I didn't like
  • Bad attitude
  • Food or experience
  • Unreal blaring loud hick music and line dancing