On vacation my family and I purposely went to Texas Roadhouse at 4 pm to take advantage of their "early bird specials" - We ordered from the "early bird menu" - My 71 year old mother said she even pointed at what she wanted on the menu -when we got our bill we were charged for the full price entrees , about a $15.00 difference- when I asked the waitress why we were charged full price she immediately said No, mam, you ordered from the dinner menu- I said get your manager out here and he backed up his employee - Both were so incredibly rude to us - might I add my family was myself , my Mom and 2 kids - I was just flabberghasted at the rude treatment we got - We will never eat there again. I guess the customer is always right is a joke in this day and age - The manager did end up crediting $6.00 to our bill but it does not make up for the shoddy treatment we received.

In retrospect , I feel this could possibly be a scam this restaurant purposely pulls to rip people off.

I intend to complain to The Better Business Bureau also. It is interesting the waitress never asked if we were ordering early bird when it was 4:00 pm and it is on a huge board in front of the restaurant !!

Product or Service Mentioned: Texas Roadhouse Manager.

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My husband and I ate at T. R. once and had a great server, answered all of our "first-timer" questions, pointed out the good stuff and made great recommendations.

We haven't been back since, but that's cause there are over 100 restaurants (chains and local joints) in our area.
Rye Brook, New York, United States #41802

If you are concerned about saving money -you should always be clear that you are going to be getting a discounted price when you order. The servers can't think of everything. It sounds like Texas Roadhouse is lucky that you will not be giving them business again.

Whiteville, Tennessee, United States #19306

I think you need not let one bad apple spoil the bunch. My husband and I ate at the one in Pigeon Forge, TN last week and made a point to speak with the manager because the service was EXCEPTIONAL.

The staff was very friendly, waiter was always on top of things, never went without a drink and not to mention the food was phenominal.

The manager was very accepting in our compliment as well. The whole ordeal was a pleasure.

Taizhou, Jiangsu, China #18715

you should have ask about the special while ordering, and I do not see that $15 is a lot unless you are a cheapy

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