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We have been to this Texas Roadhouse several times with large parties. If we call ahead, we never have a problem.

I had free birthday dinners for my kids, so our party of 10 planned on going there. We called ahead and were told it wouldn't be a problem and to come in 45 minutes. Our pager went off and we were told only 4 people in our party could be seated. The table they were waiting for was still eating.

So our table of 4 sat down. We waited...and waited....and then I saw there was another table right near our table of four that was opening. I asked the woman at the desk if the rest of our party could sit there. I was rudely told "No, we already have plans for that table." Then I asked why they didn't wait to seat all of us together.

Why not just wait for the other table to get done and then seat us. Again, with an attitude she says "we don't save tables." She had no customer service skills. I asked to talk to a manager and was surprised that she was a manager. I told her she was very rude and I want to talk to her manager.

With an eye roll, she got her manager. That manager was very apologetic and offered us a free app. I told her I have never met someone so rude in my entire life. If you are a manager, you should at least pretend like you care about your customers.

Our party of 4 was done eating before the other half of our party even sat down. We won't go back there due to one woman being rude.

Product or Service Mentioned: Texas Roadhouse Manager.

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Even if you thought the employee was rude, it didn't help your standing when you told her that. In doing that, you became rude too. Two rudes, don't make a right.

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