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I was at Texas roadhouse in muncie indiana and was told to come back because a order had been in the bottom of my bag the manger Janis on oct,31st 2014 was on duty and said oh I understand stand come in and we'll take care of you so we got there myself and my husband son in law as well it was raining cold he said mom I'll go in for you so he did as he went in I called. And asked Janis at the same time to let her know that my son in law would be getting the food she said ok didn't hang up the phone to we'll her and another girl in the background said he's black I was hot yes his is Africa American and we love him just the same I want her fired.shes not in her position to judge a race she's there to make sure her job is done that's and her word isn't sit she could have told us on the phone I come in from interstate of town to be embarrassed well she will not get away with it if they then Africa American should never eat there and the worst part was she was African American as well what is Texas road house coming to

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I mean, wtf? Please never leave your house again..you might just very well spread your ignorance. I is believing it's not the place but it be the person who be going to said place to be eating....was that *** enough for you to understand?

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