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So there are 2 locations where we live. We have ways gone to the Tikahtnu location here in Anchorage, AK but decided to go to the other location on Old Seward also in Anchorage, AK.

My boyfriend and I went and had dinner at the Old Seward location and after we left, not even an hour later he got very very sick and started vomiting constantly. (He ate the same thing he always gets at Texas Roadhouse and has NEVER gotten sick.) So we know it wasn't allergies or something else. It was food poisoning. I called the restaurant and talked to the manager and he refused to believe that it was their food.

He also told me that it takes 6-8 hours before someone starts displaying symptoms of food poisoning, which is completely FALSE. And he did NOTHING to fix the issue, not even offer to nor did he even apologize! This is very unprofessional and rude behavior. Is that how they treat their customers?

I highly doubt that that location is kept clean and sanitary if the manager doesn't even have correct information on food poisoning. I hope corporate and the owners see this.

I'm very disappointed and angry and pissed off. We will NEVER eat here again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Texas Roadhouse Manager.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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Was there a medical diagnosis? If not you don't know that it was food poisoning.

There is a nasty stomach flu going around and it can hit without any warning. It can also last more than one day. As far as the restaurant not being clean goes, more than likely it was just as clean as any other business in your town that handles any kind of food. Any type of business that handles any kind of food is routinely inspected by health inspectors.

If the business doesn't make a certain score they are given a deadline to fix the problem. Next time you want to cry food poisoning, maybe you should get a medical diagnosis.

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