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May 18th in the afternoon my family and I ate at Texas Roadhouse wake forest , NC. The food was great, but what was disturbing was what we witnessed at the entrance way.

A women was screaming at the host stand waving her arms, making a real scene. It was disturbing, especially to my daughter. Later to find out the same women checked on us to see how our food was, it turned out to be the manager. REALLY?

this was so disturbing to my daughter, that we will never be back.

Is this how management behaves in front of guests, and families? We definitely will never be back.

Product or Service Mentioned: Texas Roadhouse Manager.

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You should have asked her when she checked on you if she was OK, because you couldn't help but notice her screaming and thrashing about earlier and it scared everyone that something was really wrong with her. That would have sufficiently embarrassed her.

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