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I was at texas roadhouse for my birthday dinner and accidently left my birthday card on the table as i was putting my jacket on. The card was sitting right ontop of the table.

I came back to the resturaunt 5 to 10 mins after i left and called on my way back but of course my birthday card and the contents inside were no where to be found. The manager lady was not concerned with the situation at all and was kinda rude and no help. Manager was very unprofessional and doesnt care about the customers.

I guess there employees arent as honest as they want to tell me because obviously one of them took someone elses birthday present and is keeping it for themselves. Thanks texas roadhouse you gave me the worst birthday present anyone could ask for.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Did the manager check with the person who cleared the table? It is possible a nearby customer grabbed your card and it's contents.

I personally have witnessed customers grabbing tips off tables, which is why I always hand my cash tips directly to the server.

If employees denied taking it, there is not much the manager can do. It's a real bummer, I know, but please consider a customer may well have taken it and ultimately, it is your responsibility.

Nashville, Tennessee, United States #934237

You don't think it could have been another patron who saw the opportunity when you left? What should the manager have done?


They didn't give you anything. It was you who left the card on the table.

You could have put it in a pocket or your purse before putting you jacket on.

You don't know that an employee took the card and whatever was in it. It could have been another customer walking past the table or it could have been the person busing the tables that just automatically assumed it was't important and threw it away with the napkins, etc.

to anonymous Columbia, South Carolina, United States #934110

Not only is this guy/gal forgetful and unwilling to take responsibility for their own actions, they can't spell or use proper English. But, then they are from Colorado.

to h.kitchener #1130092

Either that or they are just a little kid.

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