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If Texas Road house has a drink limit policy it should be clearly displayed at the entrance and bar. We have arrived at about 6:30 and ordered our beers.

SInce my husband was the one to drive i had 2 tall beers at the bar before we ate as we always sit at the bar. I had another one during our meal. We were watching the world series baseball game on tv and having fun and interacting with other people at the bar. Within the next 1.5 hours i had 2 more beers.

I asked for another beer and was rudely informed by a manager, out loud, in front of everybody else, that i have exceeded the limit. Since the limit is 6 with a limit of 2 beers per hour. I only had 5, but with the limit of 2 per hour i have apparently exceeded the limit since i had 3 in the first hour. Go figure.

We had fun up to that point. All the other people we were interacting with were shocked that i was cut off and so rudely advised in front of the whole bar that i was being cut off. I was calm, pleasent. Even the bartender said it had nothing to do with me acting drunk or being unpleasant but everything to do with the company policy.

If you are going to have such policy, maybe you should inform people before you serve them any drinks. I was so ambaressed i asked my husband to leave. For 9 years your restaurant was my number one place to eat. I love the food and atmosphere as we always find people we can watch game with and talk to.

Every year in the past 7 years we went to TX roadhouse for our wedding anniversary dates.

in the last 9 yeard we have frequented your locations in North Carolina, Virginia, Arkansas and Texas as my husband was active duty military. Today 11/02/ 2016 is the last time we ever visited your establishment.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Why should they have to have a sign? Common sense dictates you shouldn't go into a place of business and expect to get sloshed!

You are lucky they let you have that many! The corporate chain I worked at only allowed 3!

Seriously, are you sure you are old enough to drink? You just don't sound very responsible to me!

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