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On Sunday, June 22 at approximately 2:00 pm myself and about 12 family members went to eat at the newly opened restaurant in Houma, La. We were given a pager and told that it would take about 45 minutes to seat us.

However, it was an hour and 15 mins and we were never seated. I asked the hostess if she could accommodate us another way by maybe seating some at a booth and some at tables. She said she couldn't but we were the next big party to be seated. The frustration came when we witnessed three or more parties being seated that came in after us.

We left at about 3:20 pm feeling treated unfairly and like they had no intention of accommodating us. I pray that you will give your full attention to this matter and urgent as I have always enjoyed this franchise in other locations.

Because as of now, I have no intention of doing business there again. I await a response from Texas Roadhouse.

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those people could of had reservations for all you know. The hostesses give a estimate of time that the party taking the table could be done, doesnt mean these people will stop talking and conversing in that time period, and also breaking up chairs and putting together is one hazardous for the waitresses going through the obstruction.

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