Megan did a fabulous job as a waitress. However the steak was not cooked as requested for either myself or my friend.

Megan immediately brought the steaks back to have it cooked over. After our request to have it cooked again we waited another 30 minutes before we received our steaks When I spoke to the manager Tasha - she only made excuses as to why it took so long - never did she consider our dining experience - she never offered to compensate us for our poor dining experience - whether it was another pop, dessert, or discount the meal. She does not understand your mission statement of "legendary service" I would call the service we received as Legendary Worst Customer Experience. Tasha-manager did not understand it was not only about the food but the dining experience as well.

Tasha could use a class on understanding what "Legendary Service" means. Legendary means to be remarkable, famed, renowned to use a few adjectives. After trying to explain what we were frustrated with she said well you got your food so you are getting what you are paying for. WHAT?

Seriously never have I been so frustrated that I was not heard. I even explained exactly what I was upset about. Still she did not understand. I just wanted to pay the bill and leave.

I advised Tasha I just wanted to pay the bill and she sent over Megan. Megan took our monies. She came back a few minutes later and advised us the bill was paid for by the manager. WHAT?

I was even more upset now that Tasha/Manager did not even have the courtesy to come back to the table and let us know that she was doing this. Are you kidding me? She had an opportunity to win us back as a customer but she missed the whole point. I believe Tasha thinks that it was about the money now ---not the dining experience.

She truly did not get it. You might want to send her back to Management school for customer service and help her understand what "Legendary Service" means.

All she wanted to do is argue and make excuses and try to justify --- at one point she asked very snarkey "What do you want - you got your steak, what more do you want." I would like to know how your people are trained and is this what can I expect whenever I go to one of your restaurants.

If this was one of my managers I would have them rethink whether this was a good job fit for them. Completely Disgusted -Then after trying to complete their complaint form it requested a code from the image - but no image---Holy Cow!

Product or Service Mentioned: Texas Roadhouse Steak.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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Salt Lake City, Utah, United States #820106

They will money losing your freebee meals ! Get a job foodstamp begger !!!!!!!!


I agree with the poster who replied to your review. She owes you nothing and for all we know you could have lied about how your steak was done to get a free meal.

Here is an idea get a job, that way you can afford to pay for your meal and everything you want with it, a drink, dessert. Your resulting to asking for free food then throwing a temper tantrum because you did not get it makes you look very childish.

Why should she care if she loses one or two customers. When you whine and complain and throw a temper tantrum because you did not get a free dessert or pop why would they want you back anyways.


People like you make me sick, no one has to offer you free food for your bad experience, you cannot afford to have the dessert. You bash about how Tasha could take classes on Legendry service is but you throw a temper tantrum because she did not give you something for free.

Get a job so you can afford to pay for your meal, pop or dessert, not offering you something for free is not a sign of bad management, but your begging for free food is low class. I am glad that Tasha put you in your place, you got what you paid for.

You are just upset because you are not getting anything for free, most likely because you cannot pay for your meal with your food stamps because they ran out on the beer you bought. I doubt that Tasha will miss such greedy selfish self centered customers such as yourself.

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