4:30PM On 02/26/20107,, My wifes birthday went to the Roadhouse as a treat as she really likes their steaks Thought as a change up I'd go for their "supposedly" great ribs. So I ordered the BBQ chicken Ribs combo with rice and corn sides.

What a mistake that was. First off the order came without the corn and the ribs were cold! Waitress came to check and advised her of the problems, oh I'll take care of that right away. Sure enough, about five minutes pass and a waitress shows up with some ribs,,,no corn.

Ah, the corn is still missing. O.K. I guess I can get some..... Again five minutes roll by and she shows up with a dish of corn which she plops on the corner of the table and stalks off.

Try the ribs...***, cold and extremly dry. Should I ask the waitress to try again,,,to time consuming between trips and it doesn't appear their "great ribs" are getting any better. Now we get to the BBQ chicken, take a taste of the leg and it's nice and hot and tasty. Try to take the wing off which is my favorite part of a chicken.

The thing acts like it's glued on, can't get it off the bird. Well o.k., I'll just cut it off. After it's off it isn't all that bad. Try to get the leg and thigh separated,,,that isn't going to happen with out cutting it apart.

Got that done and consumed the leg, not to bad. Went to eat the thighl and turned it over and much to my caringe there lay a hugh glob of thick fat. Needless to say that pretty much did the chicken in. Ended up with a to go box and took 85% of the dinner home, have no clue what I'm going to do with it now that it's in my fridge.

Bottom line, next time if ever I return to the Roadhouse it will be to order a steak and a steak only..... Ribs: Don't even come close to an amatures attempt at ribs, extremely dry with a heavy coating of cold sauce. Chicken: Apparently wasn't properly cleaned prior to cooking, very unappetizing to uncover clobs of fat on the bird. However, there was one positive side to this experience.

The waitress that was assigned to our table was very friendly, professional and did her best to make our trip to the Roadhouse pleasant. I believe her name was Gabrial?

Product or Service Mentioned: Texas Roadhouse Bbq Roasted Chicken With Ribs Combo Meal.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I liked: Waitress.

I didn't like: Quality of food.

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