Maybe not so much about what the company did to me, but customers!! I have served all the way through college and although I feel like it helped solidify my work ethic, I would like to share a few things with readers. I am sick of working for the *** of the country and not making jack s**t for it. FYI the guildelines for gratuity are as follows:

Great service: 20%

Good service: 15%

Bad service: 10%

I was an excellent server and SO MANY TIMES I was seconds away from throwing someone's lousy 5% tip back in their face. I have to tell anyone else that intends to wait tables at any point in their life I would try somewhere else besides Texas Roadhouse. Other than trashy clientele, they generally only give 3 table sections (it took me almost a year of working for the company to start getting 4) and there's a 3% tipshare (you give 3% of your sales back to the company and that's how they pay hosts and busboys), this was never negotiable sometimes I literally sold $1,000 worth of food and walked out with $70 in pocket.

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What about the busboys who work 7-8 hour shifts, spend all day cleaning trash off of dirty tables that servers didn't pre-bus, throwing out all the trash that the entire restaurant produces throughout the night, cleaning the *** off of the toilets, killing every bug a customer sees and then after doing that for 6-7 hours WE GET TO *** SWEEP, THROW OUT MORE TRASH, CLEAN MORE *** THEN sweep again because the OCD managers saw a peanut shell that was stuck in a crack underneath the table, and then just maybe you get to go home covered in trash, sweat, n tears. And Then you go in the next day and have to do it all again while the servers *** about getting tipped bad or how tired they are or how they hate a table because they took too long.

Like *** I have to wait for every single table to leave after close and then do another hour of work. And for what, $40 a day and sometimes if your lucky a thanks from the manager. I get so sick of servers complaining about making no money when they walk out with 2-3 times more than I do when I bust my *** 10 times harder.

Ultimately, if you hate your job, find a new one then quit. I personally hate how hard my job is, but even at a lower pay rate I make more than most 16 year olds who only make $100 a week because they don't clock in 28-32 hours a week like I do.

Coon Rapids, Minnesota, United States #1196261

If the service is good, then I absolutely agree....15-20% minimum tips. However.....you are actually stating that customers should pay a 10% tip for "bad service"?


If the service sucks you don't get a tip. Nothing.


Places like Texas Roadhouse, Olive Garden, Applebee's, Outback, Chili's, etc draw ghetto and trailer park trash. If you want good tips, get a server job in an upscale restaurant.

And by the way, I tip at minimum 30 percent for good to great service.

If I can't afford to tip, I can't afford to go out to eat. It is that simple.

Bay Shore, New York, United States #1187059

You know the old saying...if you don't like the job then find another one which suits you better!


well first the tip shares go to the host, buss boys, and your bartenders y because if it wasn't for them you wouldn't be able to do your job.. I am a bartender at Texas Roadhouse and I serve tables at least 1 day a week, all ill tell you that I have never walked out with less the 150.00 a shift waiting tables and more the shifts I'm behind the bar so maybe its your service ever think about that

Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa #957460

10% for bad service?? That's pretty generous if you ask me.


Work in a restaurant that doesn't attract ghetto and trailer park trash.


Lol it's really sad that people comment on here about not tipping. A server works for tips.

They make sure you have great service so that they make money. That's why servers make less than minimum wage. If you are really that cheap that you can't tip, don't go to a restaurant that requires you to tip.

It's not that hard to comprehend. It annoys me severely when I work hard to make sure your food is cooked properly and on time, not to mention all the drink refills and clean dishes.

to Anonymous #980559

You don't clean the dishes as the server

to Anonymous #991678

Yes, you do. It isn't your only job, but it is a thing you do.

to Anonymous #1543525

I think what was meant it's you don't WASH the dishes but you may pre bus..


3 Tips To Being a Successful Server At TRH:

Follow these and I promise you will have a more enjoyable experience.

1. Bring a large tub of KY to each and every shift. Bring some for your co-workers, they will gain respect for you. You will get screwed at least once or twice a night. Doesn't matter how great you are at serving, its just the nature of the clientele TRH promotes to eat there. There are a lot of trashy people. You should know who is going to tip and who isn't. Having good people skills helps here. If they appear decent, give them great service and give yourself a chance for a 20% tip. If they come in with a ghetto attitude, rude, make you run for something every time you walk by, have a thick accent, old, ask lots of questions about drink prices, sound cheap, then bend over pump up your Nikes and gtf away from that table. I find the less service you give these tables, the happier you will be in the end when they bone you with a *** tip. Just get them in and out ASAP and get another table down. Don't let them ruin your night.

2. So many servers fail at this hard and they treat the hostess's like complete sh*t. Remember, they are 16-18 years old, but are not dumb. Most of them are cute and flirty. If your a guy, use this to your advantage, as you are probably older and they look up to you already. Girls, well, just be nice and have some respect for them, most of them want to be servers so shed some light on how they can become one quicker. Just be courteous to them. Okay, back to guys. If your a guy, your in like Flint. Target the girl on "board". She decides who gets sat and where. This is your first and most important person to get to know. The rest will start to see you as a sweet, funny older guy. They love it. Start flirting with them all a little bit here and there, even the ugly ones. You never know who will be on "board" next or trained to be on it. Don't spread yourself thin. Get all the "hosties" looking up to you. Should take a few weeks or a month. Once you have accomplished a good relationship with them and they realize your not just trying to be a *** to them, they will do anything you ask. You can avoid your "canadian tables, foreigners, old people, and trash tops" Let them know they dont tip and it makes your night crappy =(. Choose your words wisely, as this can get you in trouble if you don't have the trust of one of them there and they over here you. I always pull one off to the side and say, no trash tonight please, with a big smile and a hug. Sometimes, I throw them $5. Depends on the mood. But if you can get this down to a science, you will make a ton more money, and have a lot less of a headache.

3. Become friends with management. They are in the same boat you are. They work 60-70 hours a week and deal with a lot of bs. Not to mention, they are the worst paid employees in the restaurant and not to mention in the country as far as corporate chains go. They start out management at 27k and the ceiling is about 40k. Most never even make it past the 34k mark. TRH *** on their managers hard and promises them the world so they will work their *** off then sh*t on them later when they want more money or a promotion. Sympathize with them, see if they need help with any thing. Just be there for them and do what they ask of you. Kiss some butt for a few months. Then, you will be walking on a red carpet around there and they will think your the greatest thing, since sliced bread. Don't over due and a** kissing, people do not like that. Just simply be a friend and someone they can come to in a bind. It will make your job 10x more enjoyable not having any managers reaching down your throat. Schedules improve, they give you free meals, you can just tell them what to comp off tables, rather than have a manager slow down your table turns by going to talking to them, don't care if you eat on your shift, don't care how many smoke breaks you go on as long as you take care of them and your guests.

I have been serving throughout college and still do it on weekends, but let me tell you, this works in any restaurant if used properly. Good people skills is key to the whole thing. If you don't have them, I just wasted your time having you read this. HAHA.

to Johny Doe Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States #1248252


Your number 2 is completely rude and messed up! So just because you have a *** and can flirt with the girls means that you should be the only one to make money?

It doesn't matter how much of a *** day I have been having, I would never try to snake a good table from other servers and leave them with all the *** ones. That says a whole lot about your character and about you as a person.

I hope it doesn't come back around, because you would be screwed.

Next time, don't seem so full of yourself, who says the girls want you flirting with them anyways? hahahahaha


I would just like to say a few things to all the people on this post line. I am a server. I am a server because I am in college so that I do not have to be a server for the rest of my life, even though I actually enjoy my job most of the time (everyone has bad days). And currently, I work at a Texas Roadhouse.

For the people telling us to get a job were we don't have to beg for money, let me say this: we don't beg for money. It is common knowledge these days that servers make 2.13 an hour and tips. If you go to a restaurant you know you should be tipping, otherwise take out or stay at home.

Truth be told, if you do not leave a tip, then I actually paid to wait on you. We tip out 3% of sales, that is $1 for about every $33 of food/bev sold. So if I get a table of twitty, cheap 20-year-old kids (which this has happened to me before) who spends $189 and leave me nothing because they think they are so hot, well then I just paid almost $6 to wait on them. Not only did I not make money, but I lost money.

So please, everyone, don't complain about having to tip. You all know we work for tips, so don't act like its not expected. And don't be rude when your service is great and say, "Well the service was great but your restaurant was packed this Friday so our food took 15 min longer for our party of 7 (which can't be gratuitized), so we aren't going to tip you." -- That is just down right horrible.

I think people should at least tip 3% for bad service, your waitress/waiter may not deserve a tip for their service, but remember they have to tip out either way. I would tip 3% and leave a note telling them to be better with constructive criticism.

NOW - WAITRESS who is complaining about the tips you are getting at TRH. I work at TRH, I make a good amount of money. And I have my fair share of crappy customers who don't tip even though I *almost* always give great service. I consider myself to be a great server, I keep a good attitude, and I pay attention to what I'm doing. It isn't that difficult hun, even when you are slammed. We only get three table sections at TRH, and I always leave with a good amount in my pocket. So I would have to say, you are doing something wrong. There are other girls at my location who complain they make nothing, well I make something and we have the same customer base... what does that tell you?

Maybe you should re-evaluate your performance and then you might make more money.

to Kate #1041056
What do you think she could be doing wrong?
(I'm thinking about working at TRH as a server.)
Thanks. :)

I work at Texas Roadhouse as a waitress and I have to say I hate when people complain about tips, though it's true, no one tips and almost everyone is bad tippers


If you cant tip at least 15% go eat at fast food where you dont have to tip.


"too bad so sad"

"If you can't take the lousy tips, get a job where you don't have to beg for money. Do you declare 100% of your tips for tax purposes? I thought not. That makes you a thief and a whiner."

We don't beg for our money. We are expected to kiss your butt to pay our bills the less butt kissing the less tip. ( Sorry my fellow servers but that is the way it is. And some poeople won't tip well no matter how great the service was)

The act in 1996 where employers didn't have to pay employees minimum wage because tips were no longer considered a curtosey it was considered standard. SO in short the more tips you make the less your employer has to pay you. So 10 percent of ever servers tips is claimed taxable. Not to metion that standard 3 percent tax free (because the server has already clamed it) goes to bussers host and bartenders. Yeah so servers have a *** wrap. But my advise to both parties is don't throw insults and opinions about jobs or customers you know nothing about. Servers do your job and do it well and customers should treat their servers as human beings and not a 8 armed freak who can pull things out of their @ss upon request.

to Kk #939270

Excuse you doucheb@g, but the IRS does regulate tipped employees and they are taxed on a percentage of their SALES. This means when doucheb@gs like yourself don't tip, the server still has to pay taxes to the IRS on the food YOU ordered to stuff your bloated, doucheb@g face. Got it hillbilly?!


Excuse me but if I get bad service I am not giving any tip at all.

If you're a good waiter/waitress then you will get a tip.

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