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Went in to the Texas Roadhouse in Joplin mo on a Saturday evening around 7pm for a family dinner, shortly after being seated a group of 10 younger guys who could obliviously been drinking a lot was seated next to us & immediately ordered a round of tequila & a round of largest beers! They then proceeded to talk very loudly about whores & *** & things they had done w/women or wanting to do.

Our waitress came along at this time to take our order when one reached & grabbed her. My husband stated at this time they needed to settle down, that this was not a bar...we proceeded to order after a very tense moment & while the gentleman next to us received their second round of tequila & beers & once again became very loud & inappropriate...our appetizers came & went to their table which at the time we didn't know & really frankly was glad to see something that was not alcoholic be delivered.... After sometime our salads came which meet another round of tequila & beers for the other table... At this time the manager stopped to see how things were & we unloaded on him in a very civil way...

It had become so bad at this time that all 4 other tables had become very annoyed by the one table.... They used the f word every other word & degrades women in a very bad light... Normally I don't get bothered by these things but we had our small children w/us & children are not allowed in a bar for a reason! After hearing our story the manager told us that Texas Roadhouse is a rowdy place & that he was as keeping an eye on things as the guys very loudly announced to whoever was listening that they were all going outside to do shots & if anyone wanted to join them they were welcomed to come...

I informed the manager who was still standing there that this was family restaurant NOT A BAR & I wanted them to stop serving alcohol... He informed that it was a family restaurant that served alcohol & he would gladly take our appetizer off... By this time the guys had come stumbling in & 2 guys had to be helped in... The restaurant brought them a whole bunch of rolls& another round of tequila & beers...

Our food came at this time & another waitress was waiting on the guys & they asked her what her favorite shot was which was fireball, they ordered a round of that plus one for her & they all took one while our entire section watched in wonder & disgust!

We boxed our food up spending over a 100$ to feel like I had went to the bar.... If I want to go to a bar I will, but I was under the impression I was at a family environment restaurant-we will not return

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Coon Rapids, Minnesota, United States #1196258

Any restaurant that wants to keep its customers happy should be dealing with these situations better. Obviously they want the tables who are ordering alcohol because of the $$, but they should have offered to move the family.

Saratoga, California, United States #1189175

Nope. Gonna keep trolling right here.

to Anonymous #1189178

Grow the F_uck Up! The site admins will let you get away with it for a time but eventually they will start censoring you.

And, if you don't believe me, then just keep right on. You'll see.

Saratoga, California, United States #1189083

Look up roadhouse in a dictionary. You are a fool

to Anonymous Texas, United States #1189110

You should have done more research than just looking up the definition of roadhouse! The Texas Roadhouse website says it was first opened in 1993 by Kent Taylor who wanted a FAMILY restaurant where people of ALL AGES could come and have a great meal! I guess that is why they have a kids' menu!

Go troll somewhere else!

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