I visited texas road house in indianapolis pn shadland....i left your restraunt after dinner i realized when i made itto the light i left my wallet on my tablei came right back in and your employees showed no concern to help me find it they said if someone finds it theyll call me...smh i left it on my table after paying for dinner...about 1030 pm they call meand tell me they found my wallet under a table.....I f your employees helped me find my wallet i would not be out of being able to pick up my daughters birthday cake for today.....TEXAS ROAD HOUSE HAS SHOWED NO COMPASSION FIR ITS CUSTOMERS AND REALY DIS NOTHING TO HELP ME LOCATE MY WALLET WITH 173 DOLLARS IN IT...THANKS FOR RUINING HER 13TH BIRTHDAY 317 603 0783

Monetary Loss: $173.

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Knoxville, Tennessee, United States #779301

You left your wallet and it's all their fault??? Unbelievable!

Sounds like you just want something for free, hence your phone number at the end of your post. FYI genius, this is not the place to lodge a complaint WITH Texas Roadhouse only ABOUT them!!


Not their fault! Stop bashing!!


Why should someone else have to deal with your stupidity. They did the right thing by taking your information .


Wow...you *** when they dont help you crawl on the floor....and then you *** when they call you after finding it.....you sound like a whinner. Be glad that you got it back at all....and oh by the way rockstar.....was everything returned?

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