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I went to the Fishers IN Texas Road house today at approximately at 4:15pm to receive a complentry meal I was promised followed by a previous visit on 6/29/17 in-which I didn't receive my total order . My party 4/ adults 4 children dined in however I also ordered 2 meals after getting home there was only 1 meal .

I phoned the store in which I was apologized to and encouraged to come back to the store inwhich I agreed however because I was the Dr oncall I had second thoughts and decided to call the store back and exsplained , I never had a second thought because I frequently visit this store so often that some of the young people there no my name and often speak and laugh when I ask them what's my order Iwhen I'm out in the community . My name was taken and I was told not to worry that when I came back I would be able to receive the meal. Well today I decided to take them up on the offer and had planed to deliver the meal to my husband who is currently on 36 hr rotation . I went to the togo area inwhich the first young lady graciesly apoligised and stated she was new and someone would be back soon to help.

15 min latter another young lady came I provided her the details and than she 15/20 latter got a manger who I told her 25/30 min latter she brings me another manger (Marian) inwhich I informed her the detains , she did offer me a drink. I sat and waited a good 20 min again . During this time Marian informs me she needs to do some more digging (8.99) and would give me a call back. I'm in a little shock that it's taken over an hour and to go through 4 employees to here this, however because my goal was to bring my husband a meal from Texas road house x 2 .

I actually stated to Marian that you no I'm going to trust you will do the right thing by me "customer" that I'm going to go ahead and purchase Togo meal. While sitting there waiting on my purchase 3/4 custermers who had phoned in Togo orders all had a missing item or wasn't the correct order. I than thought I would be me my kind and overly idealself and ask to speak with Marian again inwhich she obliged . I informed her what I had just witnessed and the Togo girl ( Anna) also informed her there had been some missing items.

I thought finally perhaps I will finally be given The same kindness that I have shown. Nope instead I was asked more details even though she had my receipt from my dinein , nope I received dismissive behavior over $8.99 and waiting Over a hour. I was told that she had not had time to look into story to locate who I spoke with or to see if there was confusion with our second booth. After I herd that my kindness demished along with my idealism .

I finally saw that clearly she didn't value me ,my time or the fact that I'm a faithful custermer who consistently orders a porkchop meal so often that when I'm oncall my team of 10 residents nurses ,NA and a receptionist order from Texas Road house. Then I continue to wonder is it because today I came in with gym cloths on curly kinky coils in my hair and my brown skin wasn't covered in my typical white coat. Perhaps I didn't look the assumed part so I wasn't treated like the other custermers who had missing items . I and my time was not valued over a simple porkchop meal that I believe is $8.99 .

Although she held a receipt inwhich I spent aproxmantly $50.00 not to mention our other booth. Here's the fact my team has never ordered less than $300.00 and we will now be taking our business to Charleston who has the same meal at $5.00 more however I would rather Pay that on principle alone that return to a restaurant who has a manger who clearly has absolutly no value for some human beings and doesn't have a clue about real custermer service . Seeing that I serve the community in dieare situations with a smile and respect for all people regardless if I like it or agree with how they present . I took a pledge to DO NO HARM !

I encourage and hope that Texas Road house encourages a simmlar stradgy or simply go back to the golden rules treat people the way you want to be treated ! Than you would never have to worry about marketing because we your custermer would be a walking commercial . I thank you in advance for reading about my journey in your store . My husband said to me .

You are a servant leader honey never not no your value and never dime your exspectaions because of a mangers dismissive pleasantries that's hiding the fact that they didn't value or respect you . Never allow anyone to treat you as if there intittled to your business .

Product or Service Mentioned: Texas Roadhouse Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

I didn't like: Dismissive behavior.

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