Our lunch today was ruined by the behavior and attitude of the Alcoa, TN Texas Roadhouse store manager, Avery. We were seated at a table near the front, and as per normal, we slid one chair to the end of the table. Our conversation was rudely interrupted by a young man advising that we could not slide the chair to the end of the table because of fire code - his solution was to bring a small table and add to the end of our table for more room which made no sense. So we moved the chair and honestly at this point, we should have just got up and left.

When our waitress stopped to check on us, I told her what happened and ask who the young man was. She advised us that he was the manager. Since I had no desire to have any further interaction with him, I ask that his name be written on my receipt and she said that she would do that for me. As we got our checks, "Avery" decided to come to the table and start talking again about how he was right – making sure to talk loud enough for everyone around us to hear him and looking around to make sure he was being noticed.

I told him that adding a table to where my chair was, as he suggested, would have blocked the aisle way more than the chair at the end of the table did. He said that I must have misunderstood that nothing could be put beside a table in the aisle way. I told him that we all heard very clearly what he said about moving a table and did not misunderstand at all. I then reminded him that high chairs were put at the end of tables all the time and that we had been seated by the staff with a chair at the end of the table to accommodate a group of five/seven/or more for lunch on a regular basis. His tone changed some and he lowered his voice and said that it wasn't his fault that his District Manager made him tell us that – but when we ask, he refused to go get his district manager for me to talk to and refused to give me the district manager’s name. He then offered to pay for my lunch since I didn't touch it. I told him most definitely not - that I would pay for the last meal I would ever order whether I ate it or not.

Between my work lunch group, my husband’s work lunch group, and our outings with family & friends – we would eat at Roadhouse at least 4 times a week. I assured him before I left and am assuring you now, that our work lunch group would not be back to that restaurant again, nor will we have any future outings with family & friends there. I have already begun to make sure that my co-workers at Alcoa know how we were treated and have asked my husband to share with his co-workers at DENSO the same.

It is pitiful that you can’t go out to lunch on a Friday and relax and enjoy your meal without a restaurant manager singling you out and being rude to you over something that is done all the time. I’m not sure what his problem was today or who he was trying to impress but because of his action, how we were treated will be shared at two of the largest employers in the Maryville/Alcoa Area – and if you don’t think that will affect your business, then that explains the attitude that Avery had today. It’s the customers that keep your doors open … maybe you should take time to stop and remember that.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

I didn't like: Treated rudely by manager.

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