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Brooksville, FL location:

Wacky Weds Special my girlfriend & I had dinner ordering similar items. We had the 12oz.

Sirloin Steak w/ three shrimp each & two side dishes. I had ordered a Yuengling draft beer, girlfriend ordered a Cherry Coke. Waitress asked if she'd like Grenadine in the Coke and she said yes. We were charged .50 for the grenadine yet the added cost was never mentioned to us.

Just after our order was placed the waitress came back to the table and asked me if I wanted onions & mushrooms on my steak. I said yes, sure that would be fine. The cost was never mentioned and it didn't dawn on me that there would be a $2.00 charge for that. When our bill came there was the additional charge.

Ironically, my Dinner plate didn't have "any" mushrooms & or onions added in. I informed the waitress of this before we paid and that charge was then removed. Dinner was served and as the food was put on the table my girlfriend was informed that the restaurant ran out of potatoes and she had to order a different side. My steak was order medium rare and served well down on the outside and very rare on the inside.

I felt a 10oz. draft beer at $1.99 during happy hour was misleading. I was under the impression it would be buy one and get one free, not $4.00 for 20oz of beer. I had intended to order the sirloin salad for dinner however that was only available for Lunch on Fridays & Saturdays and not available to order.

If I wanted a steak salad that would be $13.00 and or four dollars more that the lunch salad. Our Dinner experience was spoiled by the ridiculous up selling and misleading prices and a lack of attention to detail. How in the world could the location run out of potatoes when there is a store selling potatoes in the same parking lot (Save a Lot). I had wanted the Sirloin Salad for Dinner and that's why we came there to eat, yet it wasn't available.

Lastly, there wasn't any A-1 and or Heinz 57 steak sauce and the brand used by Roadhouse that was on the table is a major step down. Why not give the customer a choice?

Thanks for your attention to the details of this email. We left disappointed

Product or Service Mentioned: Texas Roadhouse Steak.

Monetary Loss: $35.

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You should be lucky the waitress gave you beer considering you are just a young child, an adult would know to read the menu and know that there is an extra charge for the Grenadine and onions. Next time bring an adult along with you to read the prices of the items any additional costs to you.

Lakemont, Georgia, United States #824646

I'm sure if you had read the menu more closely then you wouldn't have had any problems. All of the prices are listed there, including the extras.

It is part of the wait staffs job to "upsale", and you should never assume that something is going to be added for free. As for the potatoes, there are regulations surrounding suppliers to restaurants so if they were out, theyccould not simply walk over to the store and buy more.


OMG! Imagine that!

You were charged for ordering extras.

I cannot believe they had the nerve to charge you for extra ingredients. What is the world coming to?!

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