I went into work today after yesterdays shift..the manager have been having a bad day for a couple days and taking it out on employees..so i sat down and told me they had to let me go because the dressing wasnt made right when i didnt make the dressing they used..they show favortism and its clear as day..i know how to make the dressing and all..they will also only hire whites to work in the front and the african american works in the back..i will not work for them again..its crazy how they are and their food dont eat there their dishes are not cleaned right ...

Product or Service Mentioned: Texas Roadhouse Manager.

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Good grief, another whiner "I am being discriminated against, here is my race card, people don't like me because I am not white".. I bet no one likes you..and I too did not find a Texas Roadhouse in the locale you stated...(psst it's the voices in your head causing your paranoia)

Lenhartsville, Pennsylvania, United States #798013
There's no Texas Roadhouse in Plymouth Meeting bud :x
Orange, California, United States #793693

If you make the dressing as poorly as you typed perhaps it is not up to standards.

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