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I went yesterday for my Birthday with a group of friends to the one in Glen Allen Va. It was terrible. My salad bowl had stuck in it, paper from it looked like a sugar packet. When I called the manager he just looked at me, until I finally said I want a free meal. He never said I am so sorry, just that he would take care of the meal price. When the tickets came to the table and they handed me mine, I told the waitress that I was not supposed to pay for my meal , she told me he had taken care of it, but I had to pay for my dessert. Her attitude and his was awful. Then we go into the rest rooms and the floor was dirty. Two months ago I went in again with a group and friends and out utensils was dirty. Nobody in this cares! Then when I called the 800 number all I get is to leave a message and no one ever calls me back. I am shocked at our this place has gone down. Years ago I would have told everyone to go there for a great meal and a good time. No more! Just thought I would let you know in case somebody in this business gives a rip about anything.

Thank You,

Mary Hawthorne

Product or Service Mentioned: Texas Roadhouse Sanitary Conditions.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Bad attitude, Diry dishes and attitude.

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You're pathetic, demanding free meals over a mistake. I believe you only ordered dessert on the idea that it was going to be free.

Cheap people like you are the reason managers can't be sympathetic to every single complaint. How are you supposed to sort out the honest people from the people who complain about *** to get stuff for free ? I used to work here & reading this *** me off because people like you came in all the time, complained about little or non existent ***, left with a free meal & empty plate, & assumed since you didn't have to pay, you shouldn't have to tip either. The only reason you thought your server had a "bad attitude" is because she wouldn't bow down & let you walk all over her by paying for your dessert as well.

Just so you know, when you do stuff like this, it comes out of the servers pocket, not the restaraunt's. If she had decided to go back & ask the manager to take the dessert off the bill as well, she will get in trouble & lose money on top of it.


at least you only got paper , I got a screw served in my salad and no one will call me either. texas road house doesn't seem to care about its customers at all.

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