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I had the worst management in the entire world! My main manager was a two faced ***.

They definitely have their favorites. They move people up not based on seniority or skill, but by favoritism. Not to mention behind the scenes! The silverware is gross, it can go on the floor and they will just pick it up and roll it again!

People who work open to close as hosts or bus boys should be able to have a break to eat, not just minors!

I don't see why servers and back of house should get to eat whenever they want! I HATE Texas Roadhouse!!!!!!!

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Wow you sound like an angry employee who is upset she/he did not get a promotion because you were not entitlement to one. Sounds like you have entitlement issues, and from the title ***'s representing profanity, sounds like you have an attitude problem as well.

Of course the managers are going to favor the other employees who work hard and don't put the company down. Those minors may be younger than you but I bet they are more mature than you are. It does not matter if you have been with the company for one year or five, they promote those who are suitable for the job.

I don't know about your working skills but you obviously have poor people skills, and an attitude problem(after reading this it is clear). Could that be the real reason you are not getting a promotion?

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