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I want to thank Donna, who is over customer relations for her help. She went beyond what I expected. I still want to go back to Kyle's location, but the location in Hiram is amazing.

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If you look at my reviews I have never given a bad review because that's just not me. I believe the everyone makes mistakes, but when given the chance they should own up to it. In Nov 2015 I purchased a couple of gift cards from the Hiram location and received 2 gift certificates . Dinner for 2 up to a $30.00 value. I gave my daughter and husband one of them and they had dinner at the Kennesaw location on Dec 27th. They gave the certificates to the server with their payment. When they noticed that the credit on the bill wasn’t correct, they were told that there was not a cat. for that but what they had was up to $20 off 1 meal. I called the next day and talked to Kyle the manager and he insisted I was wrong. I told him that I still had another one and would send him a photo of it. Finally, he said to send my daughter back and he would give her $20.00. When she arrived, Kyle told her that he could do that and had no idea why I would say that.

I called the store that gave me the cert and they confirmed that I was correct and there is a bar code that changes the issuing store for the cert. I called Kyle back and told him he knew what he had said to me and insisted that he pull the check with the cirt. I also questioned him why he denied telling me to send my daughter back. Finally, he told me to send her back again. I explained that he had already had 3 chances to make this right and that I was calling corp.

I did the online completed the online form on Dec 29th and waited for someone to call me. Because it was the holidays I wanted a week to follow up. I called and talked to Julie in “Customer Relation” and she flagged my complaint and would get back with me by the end of the day. She did not call me back. I waited another week and was told the same thing by her again. Over the next two weeks I called her back 7 times and could never leave a voicemail. I also called 2 times and left a message for her Donna her manager. I even called the Hiram location and asked if they would give John, who the GM for both stores my number to call me. Today, Jan 28th I called and was given Donna’s voicemail, but why leave her a 3rd message and hit 0 to go back to the operator. She then transfers me to Sara, who works under Donna and tried to tell me that the reason Donna had not called me back today was because she was in a training class. Well, what about last week? Why didn’t she call me back then? I asked Sara to transfer me to Donna’s boos and Sara REFUSED! I am uploading a copy of the other cert. that I have.

I probably would have not taken it this far if it hadn’t been for location manger, Kyle is lying about telling me to send my daughter back and he would give her $20.00

SHAME ON TEXAS ROADHOUSE!! For having a manager that lies, customer relations that doesn’t follow through and for Sara refusing to transfer me.

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to Anonymous #1134068

Dear Anonymous,

I spent a fairly large amount at Texas Road House on gift cards and I was given the certificates as part of the package deal. I gave my daughter a certificate as a gift and because it was a gift that I paid for I wanted to help.

Family is important and family helps family... That's what we do. But why you feel the need to so insulting?

Your comments

" No wonder your daughter is pathetic, she has you for a role model. If she did not come crying to you for a problem with herself and her husband why are you defending her.

Do you still change her diaper and breastfeed her?"

"The world does not revolve around your family and it is pretty pathetic your daughter cries to you "

"No wonder your daughter is pathetic, she has you for a role model. If she did not come crying to you for a problem with herself and her husband why are you defending her. Do you still change her diaper and breastfeed her?" Your comments were both childish, they somehow provoked you and you seemed to take them very personally. Why would you resort to such behavior?

Now lets talk about my "weak & pathetic" daughter. She herself has been in the food industries for over 15 years and is the Gerneral Manager for a national restaurant chain. She is kind-hearted and works hard. She also works with/mentors individuals who have just been released from jail or prisons and recovering addict.

She gives them a job when most turn their back on them and tries to help them leave that world behind. She never judges them. She is an amazing woman and I am extremely proud of her. I am not using a fake name and I can be found in both LinkedIn and Facebook.

Here is the link to my LinkedIn profile. You have to be on social media so show yourself. My husband and I are small business owners.

I am also an advocate for the disinvated here at home (USA) and I also work with organizations such as "No More Violence" in El Salavdor. I am a very compassionate. I very rarley complain when a mistake is made because we are all human and humans make mistakes. I will even go out of my way to commend someone for doing a great job.

Bottom line. I don't understan why you would attack my daughter calling her "weak & pathetic" and on myself " "No wonder your daughter is pathetic, she has you for a role model".

Would you like to explain why you felt the need to be so insulting? You could have disagreeed but you took it to a whole new level and I am just curious why.


I totally understand your dilemma especially when it comes to no return phone calls. I've been dealing with a slip and fall since June of 2014 and between no return phone calls most of the time and getting address is incorrect and now changing my first name to where I'm supposed to sign a release with not a legal name is just absurd and has lasted too long.

I now have a chiropractor who is pissed off at me because I haven't paid him and I guess that's just how Texas Roadhouse chooses to operate in their corporate offices.

Very frustrating and annoying as well as painful. I feel your pain.


Either you are the one that is lying or you cannot count. When you told them you gave them three chances to fix the mistake you only gave them one chance two at the most.

So technically you are lying. The world does not revolve around your family and it is pretty pathetic your daughter cries to you and cannot fight her own battle with Texas Roadhouse.

to Anonymous #1103925

Let's teach you to count.

1st chance - When she got the bill.

2nd chance - When she called him back after comparing it to the other certificate we had.

3rd chance - When I called him.

Just so you know...

My daughter didn't cry out to me to fix it. They were given to me because of the amount of money that I spent on gift cards. I gave one to her as a gift. What you are saying if you gave someone a gift and there was a problem you wouldn't offer to correct it?

Finally, what part of my complaint would make you think that I thought the world revolved around me? I was never rude, not raised my voice and I waited patiently for 30 days for someone to respond and even then I wasn't rude. To me, you sound like you have a vested interest in Kyle or you just like insulting people.

Finally, why post anonymous? Again, I go back to the vested interests in Kyle.

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