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I have been to the Texas Road House in Augusta ME many times and have never seen such total disregard to customers so this last visit was quite a shock. My buzzer went off and my party went to the hostess station to be seated.

At the time there was a wait on servers to seat people and there was a party in front of us. A server came and grabbed the party in front of us and my party continued to wait. Just as a server came to the station another party was arriving with their buzzer going off. The server obviously knew them as she screamed hello and grabbed menus and bounced away with her friends following.

Now at this point our buzzer had gone off well over 5 minutes ago after a 5-10 minute wait that actually lasted 15 minutes and now we were still waiting for a server as other parties were arriving to also wait. I totally understand seeing people you know at work and wanting to say hello and maybe chat but at all my service industry jobs the customer always came first so to have this server completely ignore us and grab her friends first was annoying and I'm sure not what they are taught in training. And I don't blame the girls at the hostess station at all as they were all a little peeved that she didn't even consult with them before grabbing a party and she was gone before they could even say anything.

Thank god for our waitress who was very peasant and quick, she also checked on us several times even though we just got drinks and apps. While I probably will be back to this location in the future it definitely won't be at the top if my list when deciding where to go out.

Product or Service Mentioned: Texas Roadhouse Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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