accidentally spilled on customer: On March 15, 2017 my husband and I and my daughter went to dinner at Texas roadhouse in Dartmouth mass. The waitress was very pleasant.

I understand sometimes there are accidents , but you have to know how to control the situation. The waitress while taking the plates off the tray, one plate was on top of the one she took. I then received a cup of brown gravy, and corn spilled al over me. I had to ask for towels poor girl was was so upset I felt bad for her.

Told her accident happen. What I didn't like was when the manager who was on came to apologized and state my meal would be compt. Never mind I sat there while my husband and daughter eat there meal, while I sat there wet. They packed my meal to take home which you know is not good rewarmed so it to went to the trash.

I have tried to get the stain out of my sweater after 3 washes and it's still there.

What should have been done instead was tell me they are sorry for the accident and not just comp just my dinner that I never eat. They should have said Please come back and we will comp your family a meal for the inconvenience.

Product or Service Mentioned: Texas Roadhouse Manager.

Reason of review: Handling of an. Incident.

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