Last night we dined at the McKinney Texas Roadhouse which was packed for Father's Day. (1 hour 22 min.

wait but luckily I called ahead - same wait last weekend so we bailed ) I ordered a half rack of ribs and they were so dry I could only pick at the underside. My husband's ribs were also dry but not as bad as mine. He had extra BBQ sauce brought to us but it didn't really help. The manager happened to pop by our table to see how things were.

I spoke up about how dry the ribs were and she said, "Yeah, welllll, sometimes it's good to get a side of BBQ sauce and let it sit in it to soften things up, that usually works." I said we tried that and she quickly moved on to ask about our daughter's dish and fled the scene. Our waitress flew by our table and dropped off 2 to go boxes and a check without asking if we wanted dessert or how things were. Rude and presumptuous.

Clearly they wanted us to clear out to make more money with the next guests rather than care about the quality of our visit. It was a bummer of an experience.

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