Texas roadhouse dose not know how to handle a larger party. Went to the Texas roadhouse in shilo il on Sunday 9/7/14 with a party of 16 .

When we were seated we did not get any utensils were not offered a booster or highchair for the two year old that was with us Our appetizers came and rolls came but still had no silverware even though we asked so my mom had to go get a manager so that we could get utensils. On top of that half of our party's food was wrong or missing and had to be sent back .

In the past, I have not had any problems with this location but have not been there with a large party. Don't think the new comers that I bought will be back cfriends26@gmail.com

Product or Service Mentioned: Texas Roadhouse Manager.

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You should consider removing your email address from this complaint. There are a lot of fre@ks that stalk this website.

Orange, California, United States #900047

Well they don't know how to handle a large party, and you don't know how to spell or use proper grammar. Your point? Your terrible spelling and grammar makes you look like you are seven years old.


Dare I say it... Please when you are going to post a review and a nasty one at that at least check your spelling so everyone who reads this can take you seriously. It's Nnoying when you read these and the people who are posting them are as literate as a five year old.

to Anonymous #900192

How is this a nasty review?

Charlotte, North Carolina, United States #880917

Have you ever worked in a restaurant before?

If not, then you should be aware that weekends are the busiest days of the weekend.

Sundays are particularly busy because many people go out to eat after church.

It's very possible that they were out of silverware because of how busy they were that day, and I'm willing to bet the waitstaff, management, and even the hosts were doing their best to get silverware out to you as soon as it was clean and rolled.

Additionally, 16 is a lot of people. Taking orders for this number of people can be very difficult.

to Anonymous Orange, California, United States #900050

She is between the ages of five and seven, of course she has never worked at a restaurant before.

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