Our food was either cold or burned ribs. Service was rushed .

In the middle of eating, our waitress kept asking us if we want our food boxed. No manager ever introduced themselves or asked us about our service. We couldn't finish our food because they kept giving us boxes to pack it up. Our table was piled with dirty dishes because of the line dancing.

They should be more focused on service and not line dancing.

Line dancing is silly and the music was so loud you cannot talk to anyone at the table. I will not go back, sorry, that's it

Review about: Texas Roadhouse Ribs.

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Maybe this is why Texas Roadhouse is one of the top performing restaurant chains! How full are places with elevator music!

The food should be addressed not the atmosphere! These restaurants are always packed and there must be a reason!

Houston, Texas, United States #716995

Same dancing experience in Houston, pathetic they neglect tables and customers for the servers to dance? This is supposed to be a restaurant not a dance hall! If I wanted to watch people dance outa time and sync then I'd go to my nieces school dance, it's free!

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #668307

What kind of dancing to you expect at a place named Texas Roadhouse? The rest of your complaint might be legitimate, but there isn't anything wrong with line dancing.

I would say it is appropriate for a place with that name. As far as loud music goes, that is normal for anyplace with a lounge, and dancing.

I guess to me loud music(which has always annoyed me) is no worse than the sports bars, that have TVs blaring so loud you can't make conversation without shouting. Plus why go out to eat, unless you are alone, if you want to watch TV.

No Timeshare
Dallas, Texas, United States #668201

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