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The TRH in Las Cruces does have good staff, food, only it's not like a family restaurant but more like a unbelievably loud country *** music honky tonk, going to full volume every 1-5 minutes for their so called line dancing which is not a practice ANY place for dining uses, unless in a cave. Therefore the hick owners have NO concept of how to create a atmosphere for dining, is clear, as they stupidly think you must endure the loudest, *** music ever with it going beyond full volume every 1-6 minutes due scheduled.

I was told after raising *** on 4 different occasions about not being able to talk-hear (part of dining), the manager said it is part of our culture and he had no control over it. Clearly mistaking culture for their ignorant country hick practice of cramming crappy country music down the throat or ears rather of the 70% who hate this type of repetitive, so called music. Played so loud it's impossible to talk or hear. Horrible *** place to try and enjoy your food as dinning is not supposed to be like a country hillbilly freak show (line dancing)with out dated hick music so loud with their so called line dancing every 3-6 minutes, a practice not done in 999.9999% of restaurants if any at all.

The owners need tied to a chair for 48 hours made to listen to this unreal garbage at ear damaging levels they use. Due their is some country music not horrible to listen to, they instead play generic repetitive trash like the Cracker barrel if not worse.

so wear ear a intercom head set like you use on a private plane next time you go. Sorry *** country freak show of a place.

Reason of review: false atmosphere due ear damaging hick music contantley blaring.

Preferred solution: stop the repetitive, insanely loud, unknown country hick music and freak show line dancing, as No restaurant in the U.S. uses this type of atmosphere..

I didn't like: Unreal blaring loud hick music and line dancing.

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