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Hi my name is Cindy,and i live in Aurora man andbi visit Texas Roadhouse quite often,and spend at least 100.00 each time were there plus tip very well 20.00 and up,but funny thing ive noticed for the past 5 times we visited the Texas Roadhouse in Aurora Colo on Iliff that were always seated in the back of the restaurant,and its really beginning to *** me off we spend to much *** money to be seated in the back by the bathroom every *** time we come here now and i truly would like to know why? Makes no sense came in today at around 12pm in the afternoon on Saturday October 21,2017 not very many people here yet maybe 20 people and once again me and my man were sat in the back corner now tell me whats wrong with this picture is it because im white and he's black i would really like to know well made up our minds today will be the last day we enter this establishment on iliff in Aurora Colo they can kiss my white *** and sit someone else in the back corner with the bathroom and flys flying around never again were done with them.

Review about: Texas Roadhouse Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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If race was such a major issue, they wouldn't even want you in the restaurant and would find some excuse to get you to want to leave. I think you are looking for trouble and exaggerating.

There is no problem except the one in your mind. Who cares where you sit as long as the food and service are good.

Personally, I'd be delighted to be seated away from other customers. BTW: I looked up the demographics for Aurora, Co and it is a very diverse city.

to Anonymous #1402325

My mind is just find I'm 26 yrs old not looking for trouble just don't like the seating and you would understand if it happened to you every single time but I'm over it so enjoy your day I have money so I can go elsewhere no big deal anymore just wanted to know why every time that's where we were seated but I assure you my mind is great and I'm not imagining it and neither are my guest.


No it has not no one every contacted us no worries we will never step foot there again.


FYI Texas Roadhouse employee i also go to the roadhouse in aurora and i disagree with you also i see what happens with seating and i agree with black and white no way it could just happen they are seated in the back every time every time not once in a while every time! Come on even you as an employee knows thats not right.....


Hi, Cindy!

Hostess seat tables based on server rotation. In fact, your ethnicity has absolutely nothing to do with where you're sat.

The restaurant opens from left to right, so if the bathrooms are on the left side of the restaurant, that side is sat first and then moves right.

Serves come in at different times in the morning and open their tables from left to right, so the odds are it's just the coincidence of the time you happen to be dining there. I hope this provides some insight and perspective.

to anactualroadhouseemployee #1391435

No I do not agree with you because every single time we go there that's where they set us so miss me with that and your seating arrangements because there's no way it happens every *** time we go so no I don't agree.

to Anonymous #1402202

You sound mad. You should probably just eat somewhere else, they won’t miss your business.

to Youreajoke #1402306

Fyi,sorry to disappoint you,but im not mad at all i spend alot of money there and tip very well so could care less what you think you sound like the joke,not worried about it anymore and im sure they wouldn't miss my business cause they entertain dumb *** like you so your the joke lol.................... Smile now.


I agree I would be very upset also,and I also would won't to know,especially if this is where your seated every single time.I would not go back.

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