We called ahead to the restaurant and said that it would be about forty minutes. When we got there they told us that it would still be at least forty minutes, what the call ahead did, I have no idea.

However, there are signs all over claiming that you can shorten your wait time by calling ahead. The led board outside then restaurant claimed that the current wait was twenty minutes and that was way underestimated and it was never adjusted. The little flip chart on the hostess counter said the current wait time was 20-30 minutes, also a gross underestimation. After being told many times that out table was almost ready there was an excuse and we were not seated.

Finally two hours later we were seated. I will tell you that the manager and the staff were very nice and apologetic about the whole situation but obviously they really had no control over the situation. My concern to you is that there really needs to be a better system. The waiting area was so packed with people that it spilled over into the front entrance as well as the doorway and vestibule creating a situation that among other things was a definite fire hazard.

The staff had to constantly navigate through a pretty frustrated crowd of people to maneuver. After a long time of anger and frustration they finally gave out baskets of rolls for the waiting patrons to eat. I really would think long and hard before ever returning to any Texas Roadhouse let alone this location. Again, the staff was very considerate and apologetic and I believe that their hands were tied and could not control the situation.

After we were finally seated and served the food, however, was overcooked and dry, maybe they were overwhelmed in the kitchen as well and due to the late time and that we had children, we boxed almost all of the food to take home. I'm sure the food is usually better (due to the huge crowd in and waiting at the restaurant)

Product or Service Mentioned: Texas Roadhouse Manager.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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There are so many restaurants to choose from on that area, I would never have waited. Just get away from the mall area!

Georgetown, Texas, United States #614828

why in the world would you wait for 2 hours for a table? especially if you've got kids!

Southfield, Michigan, United States #614827
Truth is you probably are from a small town and not used to waiting. Oh, you brought your kids, huh!

Bet you had a real hard time dealing with them since you didn't bring anything for them to do to keep them civil. :grin

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