I am or should i say i was a regular customer at this so called legendary establishment. This complaint is more for the waiters and waitresses that work at this place.

What kind of employer makes there employees park across the road in a totally different parking lot around 300 to 400 yards in the dark because they say there parking lot is to small. If i had a loved one that worked there and they got hurt, hit by car, mugged, raped, or whatever else might happen i would own this place...

Not to mention making employees work from 11am to 10 or 11 pm without a break or being told you cant order food from the menu, sounds like a slight form of slavery to me. These people are already working for 2.15 an hour and then to have management treat people like dirt is heartless, so i will let everyone know about this and I, my family, and friends have since stopped giving our money to people that treat their employees like sh*@

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Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #609866

How do you know all of this? Could you be a disgruntled former employee trying to make trouble?

People can be hit by a car in parking lots, as well as on the street. As far as that goes they can be hit in driveways. As far as that goes, being mugged or raped, can happen in parking lots, public rest rooms, etc. Living is a risk!

I am sure this area isn't as dark as you make it out to be. As far as wages go, if the server is good, they will make a heck of a lot in tips. I agree they should be paid minimum wages but until that changes they better be good so they make a lot of tips. Employees cannot be made to work 11-12 hours without breaks.

If this is actually happening they should complain to the state labor relations board.

That being said, if they are so underpaid why don't they bring their own lunch from home, instead of wanting to order pricey menu items? Not letting them order from the menu isn't a form of slavery, and I really don't think that is happening.

to anonymous #692874

I am a current employee and you do not get breaks this is happening now

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