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Took my family out for my sons birthday party at the Texas Roadhouse in Fort Smith, AR on April 23, 2016. I ordered a beer and asked for a cup of ice to pour my beer into (I like my beer on ice). As the food was brought out I asked for another beer and the manager started scolding me that I could not have my beer in a Coke cup. I said, okay and asked for another beer. She said, she could not serve me another beer cause of the beer in the Coke cup, and said it was against Arkansas law. She continued to scold me over the beer in the cup. I said... Read more

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My family rode into town (California, MD) and we went to dinner at 4pm. We had to wait maybe five minutes to be seated at a table for five. The service was excellent, my server Ashlynn was attentive, prompt and pleasant. My parents, husband, son and I are ALL still raving about the evening. My mother is very particular, and changed her order several times before Ashlynn left our table. Her positive attitude earned her extra tip. During the meal the wait staff performed a line dance, which entertained my parents for a little bit. Everyone was... Read more

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Today, I visited Texas Roadhouse on Airport Blvd. In Mobile, AL... I was very disappointed with the service I got, but not the server. I ordered the prime rib for 17.99 well done... It came out bloody... I ask them to put on the grill a little... They char- burn it.. And told me it was the last one to basically take it or leave it. How ever they lied... While sitting in there, I called an order two more too go.I ask the girl on the phone to make sure the had some, she did and said yes we have them. After a few minutes and no serversone call my... Read more

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Chesapeake Virginia Texas Roadhouse ..Waited 45 minutes plus a additional 20 minutes to be seated. Now its almost 50 minutes and dont have food yet. Not coming back. Live in NC and will dine in NC. Add comment

I and my family went for dinner for my son's 16 Birthday,it was the worst experience. We went to the DeerPark location. Your restaurant is not handicap friendly. And that's discrimination in my book. My daughter is handicapped and in a wheel chair. Where that sat us was a joke. They expected my husband to get up every time someone needed to get through. They sat him in a way he was blocking a whole section.It was a total nightmare. Not to mention we called 2 hours ahead and me waiting on line they said I was late and gave away our... Read more

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They downsized their fries with cheese. So now you have to order 2 to feed your group. Two together equals what one used to be. The salads used to be the best part in my opinion. Mine yesterday literally had one crouton and one small dice of tomato. Very Chinsey. Then at the end of our meal the power went out so we finished up in the dark. It was also my husbands birthday and I told them at the beginning and no one came over to sing to him. We used to go there at least twice a month spending 150.00$ plus. The place used to be the best and... Read more

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Twice i have come here and they had tried to pass off a cheaper cut of meat instead of what i had ordered. Once, i can understand... twice, not so much. Then to have the audacity to treat me as if i was *** and don't know cuts of meat. Then they made excuses. Is this a common practice to have the customer pay for an expensive cut of meat, it's replaced with a cheaper cut so the restaurant banks a profit?They did take the dinner off of my bill, but it doesn't make me want to come back. Maybe i will come back to see if it happens a third time! ;) Read more

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Had dinner last night in Bridgeport/ Clarksburg, WV. Walked into the restaurant and was asked for name and how many. Standard procedure in many establishments. But then I was asked for my phone number. Never had that question any place before. I asked why my phone number was needed. Was told that I would be called and texted when our table was ready. I said that I would be sitting on a bench within 4 feet of the hostess. Inside the restraurant, not in an outer area. I gave my number. Around 5 to 7 minutes later my phone rang. I looked at it,... Read more

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Waiter was good.. The staff in the back was not on there toes. They ran out of tea. Leaving me with only water to drink. Waiter we give a 7 . The kitchen staff a 4.5. The Texas R.H. in Spartanburg, Sc could take Lesson's from the crew at Fatz on New Cut Rd where we are a regular. Add comment

This review is for shallerford rd store. Plenty of kids working as servers, but had no clue on what they were doing. The young lady that was our server served me my meal with out taking a look at how horrible it looked. My country fried steak wasn't edible. And equally horrible looking. My coke tasted like they were using one teaspoon of syrup to one gallon of water also. Not to mention it took 50 minutes for the food to show up after we asked for it. But on a positive note, the peanuts weren't bad! But you had 10 kids dancing. On that note,... Read more

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